DARE ACCEPTED – The Back-Up Plan

indexBy a 2-to-1 margin against every challenger in a very strong and deep field, ESFS voters overwhelmingly elected the 2010 Jennifer Lopez romantic comedy The Back-up Plan to be the next Dare Daniel.  Apparently, ESFS-ers can’t get enough of that magical J-Lo/Michael Vartan Alex O’Loughlin (really?) onscreen chemistry.  They gots to have it! Or they just hate me and like to make me suffer, that’s also a possibility.

The Back-Up Plan was Dared to me by Madeline S. (aka, “The Evildoer”), and I believe this is her first time turning the cinematic screws. Most every other Dared film received 3 or 4 votes, enough to keep them in the mix for future polls down the line.  Meanwhile, the 1980’s Bo Derek vehicle Bolero, which features so much nudity that it’s almost impossible to find an image where Derek’s nipples aren’t showing, received exactly zero votes, forever eliminating it from Dare Daniel consideration.

Yeah, you hate me.  You really, really hate me.