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indexBy Daniel Barnes

This is a blog written by and intended for people who are passionate about cinema.

The E Street Film Society was originally born out of the many long and fervently argued conversations that me and Mike Dub have had about the films we love and hate.  With this blog, we hope to take that conversation public, and bring into it other smart people who care about the movies.

So just who the hell are we?  Click About ESFS on the menu at the top of the page to learn more about us, as well as the tortured history of ESFS.  In honor of Citizen Kane, our consensus Greatest Film Ever Made, we have also offered you our own cinephile-focused Declaration of Principles.

Our goal with this blog is to cover a wide array of films. Reviews of new releases are available in our In Theaters section.  We will also provide monthly reviews of films available on both Netflix Instant and the Criterion Collection on Hulu Plus.  The upcoming publishing schedule can be viewed through the calendar at the bottom of the page.  Just click on any of the events to get more information.

In addition, there are going to be a number of regular features and columns, including Auteur Theory (thoughts on directors), Bump It or Dump It (assessing the career of an actor or director), Time of the Season (monthly seasonal picks), Pilgramages (field trips and festivals), and Dan and Dub’s Mini-Syllabi, where we challenge each other to create college-level film courses on random subjects, including an entire semester’s worth of movies.  You can view upcoming columns on the calendar as well, just scroll to the bottom of the page.

But the heart of The E Street Film Society, the entire reason for its existence, is the festivals.  Mike Dub and I will alternate programming 3- to 4-film festivals centered around a common theme.  Each festival will begin with an introduction and end with closing remarks from the programmer.  In between, we will be alternating reviews, and essentially devoting the entire week to a discussion of each film.

Every single film that we program will be available on DVD from Netflix, and wherever possible, we will be programming films that are available on Netflix Instant and Hulu Plus.  To that end, we encourage you to follow along with the festivals, and we will give plenty of lead time notice here, on the ESFS calendar (once again, it’s at the bottom of the page), and on social media of upcoming festival films so that you can watch ahead and join the discussion.

Last and for all intents and purposes least, The E Street Film Society will be resurrecting Dare Daniel, my old blog feature in which people dare me to watch and review wretched movies.  In addition to the monthly new Dare Daniel reviews, I will be re-editing and posting classic Dare Daniel reviews from 2005-09.  The first Dare Daniel film that I will be reviewing was dared to me by my own father (child abuse?): last year’s The Big Wedding, starring Robert De Niro, Diane Keaton, and a bunch of other people wealthy enough to be choosier about their projects.

So does that mean the phone lines are open for someone to dare me the Dare Daniel follow-up to The Big Wedding?  God help me, it does.  If you have a dare for Daniel, or a suggestion, comment, complaint, idea, or anything else to say about the blog, please leave us a comment or hit us up on the Twitters:

Daniel Barnes on Twitter

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Long live cinema!


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